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Thesis Development Workshop

The Research Methodology and Postgraduate Thesis Development Workshop is organized by the UNLP Assistant Secretary of Postgraduate Courses. It is aimed to those enrolled in doctorates and master’s degrees at the National University of La Plata.
Its purpose is to provide concepts and methodological tools for the development of postgraduate theses. It also seeks to provide a space for reflection on the project of each doctorate or master’s degree student, and to prove itself useful for the advancement and development of theses.
The Workshop runs for 45 hours, which are organized into a general  module focusing on the rationale and specific modules to key areas of knowledge:  Exact and Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences. It includes tutoring spaces and a final exam. Upon completion of studies, the candidate will receive a certification of approval.
The Workshop quota is 25 students per knowledge area​​. The activity has no cost.

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29/02/2012 16:27