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Academic excellence

The National University of La Plata has been and still is pioneering scientific, cultural, and artistic developments and studies.

By promoting a solid system of postgraduate studies, the National University of La Plata has encouraged continuous training of its professors and researchers, and of local and international graduate students from other academic institutions. This system has set up the basis of a prestige that locates our institution amongst the major national, American and global Universities.
Postgraduate activity has experienced solid growth in our University in recent years. 166 postgraduate courses and over 500 programs are currently offered per year, thus maintaining a steady annual growth of 8 to 10% over the past 3 years.
These figures encourage the continuing work of the University in this area, and commit each one of the related university departments in the formulation of renewed proposals of academic and community interest.

Prosecretaria de Posgrado
Dra. María Cristina Di Gregori

Edificio de la Presidencia - Av. 7 n° 776
Email de contacto:
TE: (00 54 221) 423-6309

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