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Distance Learning Postgraduate Studies

Distance learning (on line) courses are those in which over 25% of curricular activities are not developed in a classroom setting (Ordinance 261/03, chapter I). UNLP has two virtual environments for the execution of postgraduate courses in the distance learning mode.


WebUNLP is a virtual teaching and learning environment that enables professors to mediate their educational proposals. Apart from course administration, professors and students may communicate virtually, download bibliography, or write billboard announcements, as well as interact in debate forums that allow the collaborate construction of knowledge.

Different UNLP Schools are currently using and managing their distance learning and blended learning courses through WebUNLP.
Its web address is
Teachers interested in using the system may request information from the Distance Learning Direction via the following e-mail account:


In order to facilitate access to educational proposals, shorten distances, and to promote a shared space of research and training, the Association of Latin American Universities (AULA) was created as a space of global reference for Higher Postgraduate Education. This association counts with the Latin American Virtual Campus (CAVILA), which fosters the development of higher level research and teaching. This initiative promotes the implementation of cooperation programs in scientific and humanistic areas that may increase mutual development and reinforce the idea of ​​a cultural community.

This space is formed by the Universities of La Plata (UNLP), Córdoba (UNC), Entre Ríos (UNER), Extremadura (UEX), Virtual University of Guadalajara (UVdG), Santa María de Brazil (UFSM), Santiago de Chile (USACH) and the University of Porto (UP).
Under this initiative, the National University of La Plata, through webpage, looks forward to the integration and participation of all its members in pursuit of a democratic and inclusive education. Moodle, a free software virtual platform that encourages interaction spaces while also contributing to the dynamics of academic life, is available for the realization of proposals.
Within this context, the CAVILA UNLP teaching and learning environment allows the development of:

1. Training and teacher refresher (continuing education) courses
2. Postgraduate courses and seminars
3. Research areas
4. Labor areas in collaborative networks
5. Extension activities
6. Postgraduate Courses
7. Joint Master’s Degrees

Access the Distance Learning website (

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